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Commercial developments such as office buildings, stores, gas stations, mini marts, strip malls, travel centers, storage facilities and airports are vital components of prospering communities, cities, counties and states. As populations continue to grow cities are met with the challenge of positioning commerce development in areas that are convenient to residents without being intrusive. “Convenient” typically implies that the commerce centers are located moderately close to residential zones but far enough away to maintain a sense of separation. Populations enjoy shopping for groceries just down the street from their homes, and filling up their vehicle with gas at the closest intersection. But, being the territorial creatures that we are, populations also enjoy an atmosphere of seclusion when at home. 

Working with architects, developers, communities and governing agencies we are able to create convenient and consistent commercial developments that communities can be proud to harbor and enjoy. Although each commercial site is different in its own unique way the fundamental concepts of design remain the same. As long as we create inviting and user friendly environments that are familiar to a majority of the population we have accomplished our goal. 

Creating a gas station that doesn't follow the common layout (fueling islands that vehicles pull next to) would not benefit anybody involved because the populous would not use the facilities and the owner would not be able to provide profitable services to the community. Using facilities that are poorly designed by having difficult access from streets, too few pumps or lacking canopies for rain can also prove to be detrimental to business because the populous will go elsewhere to avoid the inconvenience. 

By keeping creature comforts, common sense, and an understanding of errors already made by previous developers and designers in mind we are able to focus on providing commercial designs that, minimally meet and, more commonly, exceed regulation and expectation. 

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